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Welcome to our facility!

Here at Blue Line Ball Pythons we practice the very highest quality of care through professional grade, controlled and regulated rack systems with Vivarian VE-300 variable thermostats.  Here at Blue Line, we keep our facility humidity and temperature controlled at all times, we practice temperature drops in the fall/winter months on our breeding animals, which reportedly assist in duplicating the animals normal habitat during the breeding season; this proves to aid in stimulating the animals to breed.  As spring and summer rolls around, we increase our ambient temperatures from 76*F in fall/winter months to 80* in spring and 85*F for summer months

Temperature isn't the only variable that is important! Humidity is a must during these months and many other times!  We keep our facility at 55% -75% humidity depending on the time in the season.  This insures a healthy habitat for the animals and helps with biological processes such as shedding, sustaining the immune system, and even follicle development; as well as stimulating natural breeding behavior!

Just One of Blue Line's        Hatchling Racks

Feeding is top priority here at Blue Line!  We feed only the finest RATS! These rats come from our very own pure bred stock from sources right here in Indiana!  These feeder rats are on advanced and scientific formulated diets which not only insures a healthy feeder rat, but in turn insures quality food for our quality animals! (BELOW-Blue Line's Feeder Rat Breeding facility).


Blue Line practices proper incubation techniques through research and proper equipment.  Blue Line uses an industry leading and proven design that keeps heat and humidity at a constant and consistent 89*F and 100% humidity.  This insures that our clutches stay healthy and warm, and keep free from mold or other possible issues; which insures a higher hatch rate with healthy, vibrant offspring!


Blue Line's Incubator System

Here at Blue Line our quality is guaranteed through selective breeding of quality animals with pure genetics, and we accomplish this by caring and providing for the animals with the industry standard and beyond in husbandry and extensive knowledge through research and networking with other industry leading breeders in the business!  We are proud of our facility here at Blue Line and hope you can appreciate our efforts in assuring you, as the customer, get an investment quality, selective bred animal; even if it is not a higher-end morph.  All animals here at Blue Line Ball Pythons get the very best in care and we practice care, keeping, and breeding in the best interest of the animals at all times!

Healthy animals thrive and demonstrate naturalistic behavior as they would in their indigenous environment when taken care of properly! This is how we measure success her at Blue Line Ball Pythons!
Ross S. Earles, Owner -
Blue Line Ball Pythons