Blue Line Ball Pythons was founded by Ross and Angela Earles.  These two love birds had a hidden passion for snakes that neither of them was aware of!  This all changed the day Ross and Angela were able to agree on and acquire their normal Ball Python boy from a local pet shop!  Through the first month, Ross and Angela began to draw closer while sharing their new found interest and love for their new little friend a.k.a. Critter (left), who still has his forever home among the many other beautiful animals within our collection.  Critter was the gateway to it all and jump started what become a craze and frenzy for acquiring more of these wonderful animals.  It was decided that once the number of Balls hit 11! that these two would look into taking their hobby into a new light; born was Blue Line Ball Pythons.  So, you ask yourself, "where in the heck did the name Blue Line Ball Pythons come from?"  Well, it's a very simple answer really...Ross is a police officer and in law enforcement the sacrifice and courage that is used in the line of duty every day, is signified by a thin blue line up against a black background...now it all makes since!  So, with Angela's Chemistry/Chemical Biology degree from Purdue University, and Ross's people experience as a police officer, these two dove straight into taking there hobby to the next level!  Blue Line Ball Pythons is a small, custom order-type of breeder.  Blue Line does not require a large overhead at this point and purely offers these beautiful animals for reasonable prices to responsible pet owners and/or breeders. 

Let Blue Line provide the one on one customer service you would expect from a breeder of beautiful, investment quality animals.